Opening Night: “I <3 LV" at Shooting Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Painting by Apex

There’s a certain sense of irony about a Louie Vuitton-themed exhibition featuring a group of irreverent and street-inspired artists like Word to Mother, Chad Hasegawa and Ferris Plock. But Shooting Gallery’s current group show, “I <3 LV," is a loose tribute to the fashion powerhouse's patronage of the art world. Using the iconic logo as a starting point, the pieces in the show range from tongue-in-cheek criticisms of consumerism to graceful portraits that embody the brand's elegance. The exhibition features Greg Gossel, Apex, Ferris Plock, Word to Mother, Helen Bayly, Lauren Napolitano, Chad Hasegawa, Casey Gray, Charmaine Olivia, Nick Flatt, Benjamin Clarke, Sergio Garcia and Niels Shoe Meulman and is on view through August 10. Take a look at our exclusive opening night photos below.

Word to Mother

Ferris Plock

Guests look at a mural-scale painting by Niels “Shoe” Muelman

Benjamin Clarke

Guests view Meryl Pataky’s installations in the project room

Ferris Plock, Colin M. Day and a friend (right to left)

Casey Gray

Chad Hasegawa

Paintings by Greg Gossel and Sergio Garcia (left to right)

Sculpture by Sergio Garcia

Lauren Napolitano

Charmaine Olivia

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