Zio Ziegler’s Richly Patterned Murals

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Interested in philosophical questions, San Francisco Bay Area-based street artist Zio Ziegler describes his painting process as a sort of meditation that allows him to sort out the issues that plague him. The artist creates rich, detailed works that reference the art of Latin American indigenous cultures, flooding each form with patterns that overflow into the next one. We first introduced Ziegler’s work in our coverage of ArtPadSF, where he created a mural outside of the Phoenix Hotel. Today we take a look at Ziegler’s new murals in Puerto Rico as well as some other recent work in the Bay Area. Take a look at some photos below, images courtesy of Zio Ziegler.

Santurce es Ley Calle Cera, Puerto Rico

Oakland, CA

San Francisco, CA

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