Opening Night: Regan Rosburg at David B. Smith Gallery

by Scott BaileyPosted on

On June 21, Regan Rosburg‘s solo show, “Maelstrom,” opened at Denver’s David B. Smith Gallery. Powerfully taking over the whole room, the solo show created a unique experience that felt completely different from her previous exhibitions. The entire gallery became Rosburg’s nook and the space mirrored the art. Aided in part by a front window installation, it created a feeling of ecotonal disharmony. A Colorado native, Regan uses polymer resin to preserve spiders, hives, bones and other trappings to create the illusion of a nest behind the glossy surface. The show runs through July 20 at the David B. Smith Gallery. Take a look at our exclusive opening night photos below.

Regan Rosburg

Emily J. Moore, Michael Benninghoven and Myah Bailey

Regan Rosburg and friends

Mondo Guerra (from Project Runway)

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