Miniature Paper Models by Terada Mokei – Assembly Required

by Jane KenoyerPosted on

Artist Terada Mokei has a passion for modeling and more specifically architectural model accessories. With the creation of his dreamy cityscapes, people in all walks of life, animals, trees, and even the NYC subway, the artist explores the potential of the narrative. He encourages the viewer to witness each scene only after the required assembly is completed. Mokei has depicted an endless range of themes and these include works such as No.6 New York, No.25 Open-air Café, and his No.14 through No.16 even cover Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic (Ice age) eras. These simple models, which are created with the help of his office staff, are intentionally made without fine details. Mokei has just released a book entitled The Book of TERADA MOKEI How to enjoy paper model of 1/100 scale. See many examples below!

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