Preview: Nychos’s “I’d Like to Meat You” at Inner State Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Austrian street artist Nychos (featured in our forthcoming issue, Hi-Fructose Vol. 28) is fascinated by animals’ anatomies, diving into the grotesque in his murals and illustrations without any sort of squeamishness. The son of traditional Austrian hunters, Nychos is drawn to the visceral qualities of bones and intestines, unafraid to make light of the bloody messes he creates in his action-packed artworks. Nychos is opening a solo show in Detroit’s Inner State Gallery this Friday, June 21, titled “I’d Like to Meat You.” For the past month, Nychos has been staying in Detroit to put the final touches on the drawings and paintings for the show and to create new murals around the city. The abundance of butcher shops in the neighborhood of Inner State Gallery have provided an endless source of inspiration.

“I didn’t want to remain stagnant with my use of anatomy, so with my new work I wanted to slice everything up and play with the slaughterhouse feel a bit. Overall the show will play with the idea of humans and animals, along with how interact with the food chain. You don’t think twice about the steak you eat. You see it everyday, but don’t take notice of the muscles and bones that make up a cow when you eat a steak,” Nychos said. On June 29, members of Nychos’s graffiti crew, The Weird, will be joining him at Inner State for a pop-up group show and book signing. Take a look at our sneak peek of Nychos at work in Detroit below and check out “I’d Like to Meat You” June 21 through July 18.

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