Viborg International Billboard Painting Festival: Nychos, Horfee and Ken Sortais

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

A street art festival without the street element, the Viborg International Billboard Painting Festival recently invited Nychos, Horfee, Ken Sortais, Blade, John Howard, Christian Dinesen and Anders Reventlov Larsen to create large-scale works on billboards set up around the lake in Viborg, Denmark. June 1 through 8, the public was invited to watch these artists work on their mural-scale pieces. Photographer Henrik Haven was able to capture Nychos’ new piece (in addition to some fun throwies he put up in the area) as well as French artists Horfee and Ken Sortais in action. The billboards will be set up around the lake for public viewing through August. Take a look at some photos from the event below.

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