Preview: Audrey Kawasaki and Esao Andrews at Scope Basel

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

L.A.’s Thinkspace Gallery recently traveled across the Atlantic to debut new paintings by Audrey Kawasaki (HF Vol. 25 cover artist) and Esao Andrews (featured in HF Vol. 22) for the annual Scope Basel in Basel, Switzerland. Kawasaki’s new work takes on a psychedelic element as she culls symmetrical patterns from chrysanthemums, sea anemones and internal organs alike. The brains and intestines appear as beautiful and delicate as the flowers; Kawasaki’s ethereal style strips them of any morbidness. In his new paintings, Andrews works with an autumnal color palette, taking us into Bohemian basements inspired by the early-20th-century avant garde. Scope Basel features over 50 international galleries and is open for public viewing June 12-16. Take a look at some of Audrey Kawasaki and Esao Andrews’s new work below.

Esao Andrews:

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