Preview: “Otherworld” Group Show at Roq La Rue

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

John Brophy

This Thursday, June 6, Roq La Rue in Seattle will open their group show “Otherworld” featuring a roster of artists known for transporting their viewers into fantastical realms with their work. Between Josh Keyes’s (HF Collected 3 cover artist) paintings of underwater dioramas, John Brophy’s video game-inspired, vividly 3D paintings and Martin Wittfooth’s (HF Vol. 19 cover artist) glowing reflections of nature, each artist in the show has a distinct, fully-developed vision that connects each piece in his or her body of work like the chapters in a novel. Other exhibiting artists include Chris Berens (HF Vol. 9), Peter Ferguson, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Casey Curran, Madeline Von Foerster, Tom Bagshaw, Kris Lewis (HF Vol. 20), Glenn Barr (HF Vol. 10 cover artist), Ryan Heshka, Jean Labourdette (Turf One), Dan Quintana (HF Vol. 27), Derek Nobbs, Jessica McCourt, Chie Yoshii and more. Take a look at some images of the work in the show below courtesy of Roq La Rue and check out “Otherworld” June 6 through July 27.

Madeline von Foerster

Peter Ferguson

Chie Yoshii

Martin Wittfooth

Chris Berens

Jean Labourdette

Josh Keyes

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