On View: The Glue Society’s “Once” for “Sculpture by the Sea”

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

For the outdoor group show “Sculpture by the Sea” in Aarhus, Denmark, James Dive of the Glue Society recently unveiled a large sculpture in the form of a four-by-four meter cube titled “Once.” Created using the entirety of a real-life demolished amusement park, the deceptively elegant form is filled with an industrially-compacted cacophony of toys, light-up signs and rides. With its large-scale geometry, the piece echoes the Minimalist sculpture movement of the 1960s. But while Minimalism is often regarded as cold and unfeeling, Dive’s “Once” brims with emotion and nostalgia as each object packed into the cube evokes childhood memories of carnival rides and cotton candy booths. “Sculpture by the Sea” features 65 works from a collection of international artists and will be on view through the end of the month. Check out some photos by Nicolai Lorenzen below.

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