Preview: Christian Rex van Minnen’s New Paintings for Gallery Poulsen

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Christian Rex van Minnen (featured in HF Vol. 25) recently created two new paintings that will be on view at Gallery Poulsen in Copenhagen for the group show “The Wild Bunch — New Art from New York #3,” opening June 21. Working with a more fluorescent color palette, Van Minnen’s new works amp up the grotesque elements while giving them a decidedly synthetic feel. Eyeballs and organs are carefully placed in still lifes and vomit glows with rainbow hues.

“In the past, I would’ve had to mutilate those forms to a more unrecognizable state to feel okay putting them out there. I find myself muttering the words, ‘Fuck it’ when deliberating if something is too much for good taste and really just questioning all of that,” said Van Minnen of his evolution. “Why am I so concerned with what people will think of me? Why do I care? What do I have to lose? Really, I’m just going to do what I want, and that is what is really uncomfortable and honest. That is satisfying to me and I hope that that is pleasing and useful and beautiful to those who see my work, but really, I just need to care less about all that.

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