Beyond the Body Project

by Jane KenoyerPosted on

Beyond the Body is a work initially created in 2012 by Dutch product designer Imme van der Haak. This concept addresses the perceptions of appearance and identity and uniquely represents ideas about the human body. Beyond the Body Project is a publication of Imme van der Haak’s work that was crafted into a small book in collaboration with Hanna Donker. Donker is a type and graphic designer who currently works as a font designer at Dalton Maag, London. By printing wearable photos of the human body van der Haak alters the perception of age, identity, gender, and physical form. In the dance performance below, the dancer’s movements manipulating the translucent silk, are key elements in further distorting the visual experience. The resulting ambiguity enables the viewer to be transported beyond the body. See the film and read more below!

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