Opening Night: “Wider Than a Post Card” at Breeze Block Gallery

by Scott BaileyPosted on

Paul Barnes

Although the show is titled “Wider Than a Postcard” it can really only be described as an embarrassment of riches. Curator Sven Davis (of Arrested Motion) started with a simple idea: gather a collection of more than 200 of contemporary art’s best and brightest (including Aaron Nagel, Adam Wallacavage, Amy Casey (HF Vol. 5), How & Nosm, Hush, Josh Keyes (Hi-Fructose Collected 3 cover artist), Kevin Cyr, Know Hope, Mark Dean Veca (HF Vol. 23), Robert Hardgrave (HF Vol. 8), Syliva Ji (HF Vol. 16), Rone and too many others to name), have them make art on 4″ x 6″ postcard and let the chips fall where they may. Because of the size and geometric spacing, the show was digestible without being overwhelming despite the viewer being deluged by more than 400 pieces of art of all types and styles. The show opened on May 2 at Breeze Block Gallery and runs through June 1.

Mark Dean Veca

Brin Levinson

Myah Bailey, Sven Davis, Jocelyn Duke and a friend

Jocelyn Duke

Aaron Nagel

Josh Keyes

How Nosm and Marissa Textor

Andrew Schoultz

Scott Listfield

Sweet Toof

Mr. Penfold


Kevin Cyr

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