Opening Night: Bom.k’s “Vertiges & Somnolence” at Galerie Itinerrance

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

French street artist Bom.k recently opened his solo show, “Vertiges & Somnolence,” at Paris’ Galerie Itinerrance. With a spray can as his primary tool, Bom.k created many large-scale canvases, some even spanning entire walls, that took viewers into a post-apocalyptic, dreary world. Not shying away from morbid and disturbing elements, Bom.k’s new paintings deconstruct the human body and rearrange it in an architectural fashion. Take a look at some of the artworks in the show as well as some opening night photos below and catch “Vertiges & Somnolence” at Galerie Itinerrance through June 1.

Bom.k setting up for the show


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