Preview: “Wider Than a Post Card” at Breeze Block Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Andreas Englund

On May 2, Portland’s Breeze Block Gallery will open a group show curated by Sven Davis featuring over 200 established and emerging artists (many of whom have graced the pages of our print magazine) who were challenged to produce up to three works in the format of a traditional post card. Including work from Aaron Nagel, Adam Wallacavage, Amy Casey (HF Vol. 5), Andrew Hem (Hi-Fructose Collected 3), Andrew Schoultz, Blaine Fontana (HF Vol. 19), How & Nosm, Hush, Josh Keyes (Hi-Fructose Collected 3 cover artist), Kevin Cyr, Know Hope, Mark Dean Veca (HF Vol. 23), Robert Hardgrave (HF Vol. 8), Syliva Ji (HF Vol. 16), Sweet Toof and Rone, just to name a few, “Wider Than a Post Card” provides an extensive survey of many distinct creative voices. Take a look at a sneak peek of the show below and check out “Wider Than a Postcard” May 2 – June 1.

Josh Keyes

Aaron Nagel

Brian Donnelly


Gregory Euclide

Mary Iverson

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