Opening Night: “DECADE-1” at Varnish Fine Art

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Last Saturday night, San Francisco’s Varnish Fine Art celebrated their 10th anniversary with “DECADE-1,” a group exhibition featuring 14 artists who share a boundary-pushing sensibility in their respective disciplines. In addition to many of the exhibiting artists (many of whom have appeared in our print issues), a large number of other Bay Area artists were in attendance at the bustling opening reception.

Christian Rex van Minnen’s (Hi-Fructose Vol. 25) grotesque, tie-dyed portraits hung beside Isabel Samaras’ (Hi-Fructose Vol. 20) irreverent, pop cuture-inspired inspired work. Ransom & Mitchell’s new, cool-colored photo illustrations were accompanied by the sculptures that appeared in their works. Jennybird Alcantara (Hi-Fructose Vol. 14) and Chris Mars’ (Hi-Fructose Collected 2) works astounded with their level of depth and detail, and Jessica Joslin’s sculptures captivated viewers with their lightness and fragility. Other exhibiting artists include Victor Castillo (Hi-Fructose Vol. 23), Robert Bowen, Ron Garrigues, Rob Reger, Lee Harvey Roswell, Chuck Sperry and Lucien Shapiro. Take a look at our exclusive opening night photos below and check out “DECADE-1” through May 18.

Painting by Jennybird Alcantara

Painting by Jennybird Alcantara

Artist Lauren Napolitano, exhibiting artist Jennybird Alcantara and artist Mike Davis (left to right)

Isabel Samaras with her painting

Varnish Fine Art co-owners Jen Rogers and Kerri Stephens

Ron Turner of Last Gasp (right) and a friend

Artist Seamus Conelly and exhibiting artist Christian Rex van Minnen

Christian Rex van Minnen’s paintings

Lucien Shapiro with his sculpture

Painting by Chris Mars

Sculpture by Jessica Joslin

Exhibiting artists Stacey Ransom and Jason Mitchell (Ransom & Mitchell)

Ransom & Mitchell’s model, Page Ruth

Sculpture by Ron Garrigues

Artist Philip Lawson and a friend

Artist Brett Amory

Lee Harvey Roswell

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