Opening Night: “5 Year Anniversary Show” at Last Rites Gallery

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Artists Billy Norrby, Julia Griffin, Martin Wittfooth, Erica Berkowitz of Last Rites and a friend

Last Rites Gallery in New York recently celebrated five years as the City’s nexus for dark art with the huge “5 Year Anniversary Show.” Featuring a wide range of artists — from Japanese pop surrealist Yoko d’Holbachie to neo-Romanticist Billy Norrby to sculptor Colin Christian — the group exhibit showcased artists from the gallery’s past exhibitions and gave viewers a taste of what’s to come at Last Rites. With many artists in attendance, the exhibition was made all the more lively with a burlesque performance and live painting.

The exhibition will be on view through May 18. The complete line-up of artists includes: Stefano Alcantara, Esao Andrews, Shawn Barber, Nick Baxter, Matthew Bone, Timothy Boor, Scott G. Brooks, Patrick Byers, Santiago Caruso, David Choquette, Colin Christian, Sas Christian, Christopher Conte, Rory Coyne, Matt Dangler, Jason D’Aquino, Brian Despain, Yoko d’Holbachie, Leslie Ditto, Mark Garro, H.R. Giger, Peter Gric, Chris Haas, Fred Harper, Naoto Hattori, Michael Hussar, Charlie Immer, S Jenx, Viktor Koen, Luke Kopycinski, Ewelina Koszykowska, Craig LaRotonda, Eli Livingston, Jean Paul Mallozzi, Chris Mars, menton3, Billy Norrby, Annie Owens, Chris Peters, Anthony Pontius, Matt Rota, Jose Manuel Schmill, Beau Stanton, David Stoupakis, Jasmine Worth, Zane York and Chet Zar. Take a look at some opening night photos by Paola Duran below.

Billy Norrby

Billy Norrby with his painting

Chris Haas with his sculpture

Naoto Hatori

David Choquette with his painting

David Hochbaum with exhibiting artist David Stoupakis and Last Rites founder Paul Booth

Craig Larotonda

DJ Xris SMack!, Burlesque Performer Nikki LeVillain and Paul Booth

Exhibiting Artist Zane York with wife, Kelly, in front of his painting

Nikki LeVillain performing

Annie Owens

Mark Garro with his painting

Rory Coyne

Exhibiting artist Rory Coyne with fiancee Lauren, in front of his painting, Turning Seven

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