Nick Knight Captures the Fragility of the Moment

by Jane KenoyerPosted on

For over thirty years renown fashion photographer Nick Knight has been bringing us iconic images that represent multiple generations of pop culture and challenge conventional notions of beauty. Last year Knight released 15 images from his acclaimed publication Flora which were exhibited along side his new photographs featuring flowers pouring out their colors. This idyllic exhibition took place at the SHOW studio in London in the Fall of 2012. His new works are a hybrid between photography and painting that have stunning aesthetic qualities. His work is brings to mind both the delicacy of 17th and 18th century still life paintings, such as Jan Brueghel’s the Elder, and classic Romanticism and the timeless interest of an artist to capture the fragility of the moment. Knight made these images using his own technique in which he introduces heat and water into the printing process. The images seen in this exhibition took Knight over 10 years of experimentation to perfect.

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