Preview: “Fresh Paint” at Lazarides Rathbone Place

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Opening on April 19 at Lazarides Rathbone, the group show “Fresh Paint” brings together seven painters who have recently caught the eye of influential gallerist Steve Lazarides. Working with different levels of representational and abstract elements in their paintings, BORF, Brett Amory (featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 20), Bill Dunlap, Katrin Fridriks, the Miaz Brothers, Sandow Birk and Frank Laws share a commonality in their ability to create poignant moods and distinct environments in through their diverse styles. While BORF and Sandow Birk tackle political agendas and social ills, Brett Amory and the Miaz Brothers invoke specters as they make us wonder what spirits are hiding within their blurry brushstrokes. Katrin Fridriks and Bill Dunlap present works filled with saturated colors, though varied in their styles, and Frank Laws puts a new take a urban landscape painting. Take a look at some works in the show below, images courtesy of Lazarides, and check out “Fresh Paint” April 19 – May 16.

Bill Dunlap

Katrin Fridriks

Brett Amory

Miaz Brothers

Sandow Birk

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