Preview: Cannon Dill’s “Heavy Water” at LeQuiVive Gallery

by Max KauffmanPosted on

Cannon Dill resides in the basement of an unassuming west Oakland house. His neighbors are old buildings and a long vacant, train station. Perfect bedfellows for his work. Hi-Fructose visited with the young artist as he prepares for his first solo show in April. Perhaps Dill is a new name to readers of the magazine, but residents of the Bay Area will instantly recognize his animal compatriots from his murals and street art, particularly his wolves.

Cannon’s work is mark-making personified. Foxes, wolves and the occasional owl slyly peek out at the world. Cannon explained that the title and feel of the show comes from a song by Grouper. He plays the song as we sit in his studio/room. As I listen to the sparse guitar and haunting lyrics, new meaning comes to these creations. They appear to be waking from a great sleep or period of hibernation. Cautious but hopeful. Like modern day Rumpelstiltskins. Their caution comes from a second chance perhaps’ they are unsure danger is still lurking. Cannon Dill’s show “Heavy Water” opens April 5 at LeQuiVive Gallery in Oakland. Take a look at some exclusive images from our studio visit below.

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