Haunting Sculptures by Artist Berlinde Bruyckere

by Jane KenoyerPosted on

Artist Berlinde De Bruyckere from Gent, Belgium has created intentionally lifeless sculptures out of select animal parts. The unsettling “horse” objects are made out of horse hair and horse skin over shaped foam forms set in epoxy resin and displayed on tables or surrounded by enclosures made of iron, wood, and glass. Bruyckere intentionally forms the bodies without faces and some without heads, thus abstracting the familiar shape just enough to emphasize the inert object and the absence of life. She explains this further in her statement, “It is not because you never see a head that it looks like it has been cut off. It is, rather, that I no longer think the presence of a head is necessary. The figure as a whole is a mental state. The presence or absence of a head is irrelevant.”

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