Preview: Charming Baker’s “Lie Down I Think I Love You” at Milk Studios

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Interdisciplinary British artist Charming Baker is preparing for his largest exhibition to date — “Lie Down I Think I Love You” at Milk Studios in Los Angeles, opening March 21. Interested in the hybridity of man, animal and machine, Baker presents a new series of sculptures, paintings and prints that present their figurative subjects as blunt yet enigmatic statements. Human bodies are adorned with jet plane noses; animal heads are propped up like inanimate objects — these objects, which Baker says are metaphors for the unpredictable nature of love, are left for the viewers to dissect. The centerpiece of the exhibition will be an enormous sculpture of a plastic airplane that spans the gallery. Take a look at some exclusive images of the works in the show and a look inside Charming’s studio below.

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