On View: Joram Roukes’ “Les Bons Sauvages” at StolenSpace

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Last Friday, Dutch painter Joram Roukes opened his solo show, “Les Bons Sauvages,” at London’s StolenSpace Gallery. Blending a realist technique with spontaneous abstraction, Roukes creates folkloric narratives that reflect present-day social behavior. Anthropomorphized animals are placed in Catholic ceremonies and soccer brawls; the paintings put a magnifying glass up to the ritualistic spaces of contemporary culture. Roukes’ painting style at times resembles collage, with images choppily mashed together to create Frankenstein-like figures. Take a look at some of the works in the show below, images courtesy of StolenSpace Gallery, and check out the show before it closes on March 31.

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