Preview: Heidi Taillefer’s “The Land of the Blind” at Copro Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Pursuing two different conceptual threads in her paintings and sculptures, interdisciplinary artist Heidi Taillefer will debut a new body of work on March 23 for her solo show, “The Land of the Blind,” at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. Focusing on the hybridization of man and technology in her oil paintings, Taillefer presents a series of delicately-rendered hybrid creatures that can appear graceful, humorous or disturbing. A bulldog’s torso becomes a football; a cyborg pig’s body is partially composed of sausages; a woman’s anatomy bonds with organic forms to transcend her physical body. The animals in these works appear to spin allegorical narratives, showing us a reflection of environmental and social issues at stake in discussions about technology and progress.

Taillefer calls the stylized dolls in her sculpture series “True Loves,” as each one is a representation of a different side of the Greco-Roman god Eros, more commonly known as Cupid. Composed of hand-cast porcelain parts, the sculptures are adorned with Swarovski crystals and fine silks from Christian Dior and displayed in glass casings like insect specimens. Take a look at our preview of “Land of the Blind” below. The show runs March 23 – April 13 at Copro Gallery.


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