Video: Miss Van’s Latest Street Art Adventures

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Photo via ArrestedMotion

When I visited Miss Van‘s Barcelona studio in 2011, she seemed reluctant when I asked her about painting in the street, brushing the question aside as if it was a part of her past. But this past year has been different for the artist. Apart from her solo shows at Copro Gallery in L.A. and Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome, Miss Van’s work has resurfaced on the streets of Barcelona, Los Angeles and, most recently, Sao Paolo. In a video shot by Dscreet for VNA Magazine, Miss Van describes her return to a graffiti artist’s mentality, losing her inhibitions and falling in love with Sao Paolo. Watch the video below and take a look at some of Miss Van’s murals in Sao Paolo, L.A., Yucca Valley and Barcelona from the past few months.

Sao Paolo:

Collaboration with Ciro Schu in Barcelona:

Yucca Valley, CA:

Collaboration with Dan Quintana in Los Angeles:

Photo by Birdman

Photo by Birdman

Photo by Birdman

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