Nick Cave’s “HEARDY-NY” Upcoming Live Performance at Grand Central in New York

by Jane KenoyerPosted on

American artist Nick Cave, a fabric sculptor, dancer, and performance artist, creates elaborate wearable artwork known as “Soundsuits” that have taken the art world by storm. In 2011 we covered him in Hi-Fructose Volume 20. His sculptures when in rest are unique and provocative objects, but when worn as a costumes by performance artists, take on entirely new meanings, simultaneously hiding the wearers’ identity while enhancing the beauty and character of their movement. These strange suits reflect Cave’s desire to meld art, dance, and fashion. His next major public performance piece entitled HEARDY-NY, is scheduled to take place from March 25th through the 30th at Grand Central in New York City. The terminal will be filled with live music and transformed by Cave’s choreographed performance which includes thirty of his other worldly, colorful “horses” that will be “grazing” and at times will burst into more complex movements in the terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall. HEARDY-NY is a part of the ongoing celebration of the hundredth anniversary of Grand Central.

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