The Structured Street Art of Moneyless

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Italian street artist Moneyless apprehends nature with his mathematically calculated optical illusions. Working with street art, outdoor installations and drawings, moneyless views geometry as the primary building block of all matter. His artworks are harmonious and often symmetrical, guiding the eye with angles and repeating lines that border on psychedelia. He began his career as an artist with traditional graffiti and transitioned to his current geometric style when he made the decision to eliminate the symbolic value of letters from his work. Aside from working on traditional 2D surfaces, Moneyless also creates installations that appear as prisms floating in space, using rope tied to trees, walls and whatever else is handy. Take a look at some of his latest works below, images courtesy of Moneyless.


Collaboration with Gaia

Rope installations:


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