Opening Night: Mike Davis and Henry Lewis at Varnish Fine Art

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Mike Davis

Last Saturday, Henry Lewis and Mike Davis debuted their two-person show at San Francisco’s Varnish Fine Art. Exploring personal themes in their work through historical references, the two artists took different approaches to creating allegories in their new work. While Lewis explored mythology and mysticism with an expressive, loose painting style, Davis opted for a tightly-controlled approach. Filled with myriads of precise details, Davis’ paintings were presented in wooden frames that echoed their antiquated feel. Meanwhile, Lewis’ works — some of them vertically towering over the viewers — merged allusions to classical mythology with elements of graffiti and abstraction. Take a look at our opening night photos below and stop by the show before it closes on April 13.

Henry Lewis and a friend

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