Florentijn Hofman’s Humorous Installations Engage with Social Issues

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman travels the world creating playful, site-specific artworks with the help of local residents. At a first glance, Hofman’s works brim with whimsy and nostalgia for childhood with their brightly colored, toy-like appearance. His monument-scale pieces engage with the local culture of the places where they are installed, often encouraging a conversation about social issues through humor and the element of surprise. Slow Slugs, for example, is a sculpture of two slugs constructed from plastic bags. The slugs were made to ascent the stairs of a Catholic church in Angers, France, to symbolize the journey to death. Hofman’s enormous Rubber Duck floated in bodies of water in Australia, Japan and Europe to symbolize the hope for a world without borders. In Sao Paolo, Hofman created a giant monkey out of flip-flops with the help of local students. Take a look at some of the artworks below, images courtesy of Florentijn Hofman.

Fat Monkey, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Slow Slugs, Angers, France

Rubber Duck, Sydney, Australia

Mosca Muerta, Queretaro, Mexico

Mickey the Pig, Strasbourg, France

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