Dudug Transforms the TSS Duke of Lancaster

by Annie OwensPosted on

Photo by Dan Callister

International street artist collective Dudug transformed the once regal ocean liner, the TSS Duke of Lancaster, into an open air gallery. The ship was left to rot on a dry dock in Dee estuary, Flintshire in 1979. Following a number of planning disputes between the owners and Flintshire’s council, the owners  granted Dudug permission to launch their project dubbed “The Black Duke” with contributions from artists including KIWIE, Cream Soda Crew, Laura Zombie, Bungle and Goin, Fat Heat and Mr Zero among others. Take a look at some photos of the project below courtesy of Dudug.

Photo by Dan Callister

Fin DAC vs. Black Duke

Fin DAC detail



Bungle, Mr Zero and GOIN

Fat Heat vs. Black Duke

GOIN vs. Black Duke

Bungle vs. Black Duke

Cream Soda Crew vs. Black Duke

KIWIE vs. Black Duke

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