Preview: Sam Wolfe Connelly’s “Nocturne” at Roq la Rue

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

This Friday, Sam Wolfe Connelly will open his solo show, “Nocturne,” at Seattle’s Roq la Rue alongside Casey Curran’s “Dissymmetry” (previewed here). Referencing Americana, Connelly turns mundane, suburban settings into sites for communion with the supernatural. The black-and-white drawings and yellow-tinged monochromatic paintings are endowed with an eerie glow, creating the sensation that the viewer is privy to these scenes only because of this mysterious light source. The kind of nights that Connelly depicts in “Nocturne” are still and quiet, their fragile silence made tense by looming shadows that allude to a ghostly presence. Take a look at our preview of “Nocturne” below, images courtesy of Roq la Rue.

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