Inside the Sketchbook of Yoskay Yamamoto

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Yoskay Yamamoto, who we covered in Hi-Fructose Volume 8, is well known for his beautiful minimalistic sculptural works that are made out of dear antlers, mixed media, and carved wood. Last year he created large installation works, such as still thinking of you, that are a delight to view in person. Along with his sculptures he makes powerfully energetic paintings such as empty howl, 2009 and carry me away, 2012. Yamamoto has opened up his moleskin sketchbook to let us get a peek inside his artistic process. Read the interview below.

still thinking of you, 2012

Have you always kept a sketchbook?

Not always but most of the time.

Why is it important for you to keep a sketchbook?

To write ideas, thoughts, or just to kill time.

Do you often sketch out ideas before working them into finished pieces?


What brand of sketchbook do you use?

I like using moleskin, I like the size and the quality of the paper.

What are some good sketchbook tips and habits that you can share with our readers?

Have fun with it.

empty howl, 2009

carry me away, 2012

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