Preview: Charmaine Olivia and Sickboy at Shooting Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

On February 9, sister galleries White Walls and Shooting Gallery in San Francisco will open the doors of their renovated, new gallery spaces. For her solo show “Muses” at Shooting Gallery, Charmaine Olivia takes a new turn in her seductive portraiture. Where precisely executed lines and sharply focused faces dominated her older paintings, spring-time colors and expressive brush strokes emerge in her latest work, exploring feminine beauty through an impressionistic lens that departs from her gothic imagery. In Shooting Gallery’s project room, British artist Sickboy’s solo show “Mello Diorama” will feature new paintings and framed sketches. Well-known in the UK’s graffiti scene, Sickboy gained recognition for his surreal, cartoon-inspired artwork. Take a look at our preview of the two shows below, images courtesy of White Walls.

Charmaine Olivia:


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