Preview: Frank Kozik and Winston Smith’s “Seditions” at Varnish Fine Art

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

This Saturday, San Francisco’s Varnish Fine Art will open “Seditions,” a two-person show featuring the artworks of Frank Kozik and Winston Smith. Using 1950s propaganda as a starting point, the two artists turn to their punk rock roots (Kozik initially gained fame for his concert posters for the likes of The Beastie Boys and Nirvana and Smith is known for his collaborations with the Dead Kennedys on their album covers) to create graphic artworks with political messages.

Though they differ aesthetically, the two artists had similar experiences as adolescents in post-war Europe (Kozik lived in Franco-era Spain and Smith witnessed brutal class struggle in Italy as a teen) that provided a conceptual foundation for their work. In “Seditions” they subvert the visual language of ’50s-era propaganda to fight political complacency. Take a look at our preview below, images courtesy of Varnish Fine Art.

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