Video: Kazunori Matsumura’s “The Voice of Winds” Sound Installation

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Artist Kazunori Matsumura recently created a delicate, interactive installation currently on display at the Post Design Gallery(MEMPHIS) in Milan. Titled The Voice of Winds, the brittle ceramic work invites the audience to get lost in a spiritual vision of nature. “The Japanese primitive people recognized the wind as voice of heaven. The people worshiped the wind as sacrament and listened carefully the voice. The people thought that the wind has personality,” Kazunori Matsumura explains on his website. “The Voice of Winds is formed by a number of pipes in the shape of a tree branch. Dispersed white tree branches look like bones of animate beings… When the winds run through in the pipes, the voice of nature break through. This device is designed to communicate with nature and to get back the primitive conception of nature.” Take a look at a video and some photos of the installation below, images courtesy of Kazunori Matsumura.

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