Ali Cavanaugh’s Theatrical Watercolor Frescos

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Ali Cavanaugh creates watercolor frescos using a unique method of painting on plaster panels. Cavanaugh learned about the traditional fresco secco technique from a Mexican craftsman while living in the American Southwest and adapted it to her practice, dubbing it neo fresco secco. Since then she has worked exclusively on kaolin clay surfaces instead of paper. Her paintings communicate to the viewer on an intuitive level through body language and gestures. Cavanaugh’s works depict women at play, misusing socks as puppets and creating strange shapes with their fingers and hair. These odd poses add a sense of theatricality to the work, as if the characters wish to obscure their identities with these makeshift disguises. Take a look at some of the paintings below, images courtesy of Ali Cavanaugh.

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