Preview: Dan Witz’ “Prisoners” at Lazarides’ Rathbone Place

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Dan Witz uses his penchant for realism to take advantage of the element of surprise, staging shocking scenes with his paintbrush that appear to intrude on real life. Witz has an upcoming solo show at Lazarides’ Rathbone Place titled “Prisoners” that will include work from his Mosh Pit and Prisoner series. Witz’ precise renderings of the human anatomy are taken to another level as bodies become contorted in huge, cacophonous piles. But aside from their impressive technical skill, Witz’ paintings strike a sensitive nerve with their vivid depictions of solitary confinement and psychological torture. Take a look at some of the works in the show below, images courtesy of Lazarides.

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