Opening Night: Dan-ah Kim’s “Perennial Winds” at Thinkspace

by Stephanie ChefasPosted on

On January 12, Los Angeles was treated to an evening of folkloric whimsy as Thinkspace Gallery presented “Perennial Winds,” the latest exhibit from Brooklyn based artist Dan-ah Kim. As the title suggests, “Perennial Winds” continues the artist’s exploration of movement fueled by personal, dreamlike narratives. Through the minute details of collage, textile and sewing techniques, Kim creates delicate depictions of flight reminiscent of classic storybooks. From the portrayal of friends frolicking with a kite, to a fisherman casting his net on a starry night, to the visitation of spirits in a young girl’s bedroom, Kim transports the viewer into a magical world we long to get lost in. Take a look at some photos of the artist’s new work below. — Stephanie Chefas

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