Preview: Andrea Mary Marshall’s “Gia Condo” at Allegra LaViola Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Many have attempted to guess at the identity of the Mona Lisa throughout the course of history, and for her latest body of work, interdisciplinary artist Andrea Mary Marshall uses this line of inquiry as a starting point. But instead of arriving at an answer, Marshall created a series of paintings, videos, photographic self-portraits and a performance that investigate this mysterious subject. In creating these works, Marshall created an alter-ego named Gia Condo (also the title of her upcoming solo show at Allegra LaViola Gallery). Through Gia Condo, Marshall dives into the world of disguise and even drag, exploring the masculine undercurrents of femininity and the relationship between the artist and the muse. “Gia Condo” opens tonight at Allegra LaViola Gallery, and the opening reception will include a live performance. Take a look at our preview courtesy of Allegra LaViola Gallery below.

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