Opening Night: “Winter Group Show” at Shooting Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Last Saturday, San Francisco’s Shooting Gallery opened its “Winter Group Show,” an eclectic exhibition that featured a wide range of aesthetics from street art to sculpture to portraiture. It was a full house, and many Bay Area artists were in attendance to say goodbye to Shooting Gallery’s space before their move to a new, renovated location. John Felix Arnold III’s motorcycle installation served as an anchor in the center of the room, the other artworks circling around it. Aaron Nagel’s contemplative portrait of a female figure was offset by Morgan Slade’s busy mixed-media collages and Ferris Plock’s brightly colored boom box sculptures and painting on panel. The complete line-up of artists inludes Ferris Plock, Casey Gray, APEX, Michael Page, Aaron Nagel, John Felix Arnold III, Hugh Leeman, Jet Martinez, C215, Ernesto Yerena, Morgan Slade, Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Adam Rozan, Lauren Napolitano and Bryan Schnelle. Take a look at our opening night photos below.

Aaron Nagel

Morgan Slade

John Felix Arnold III

Helen Bayly, Chad Hasegawa and a friend with John Felix Arnold III’s installation and Bryan Schnelle’s painting

Lauren Napolitano

Adam Hunter Caldwell and Brett Amory

Michael Page

Ferris Plock (front and left) and Casey Gray (right)

C3 (center)

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