Preview: Adam Friedman’s “Space and Time, and Other Mysterious Aggregations” at Eleanor Harwood Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

While most art forms tell stories about the world through humans’ point of view, Adam Friedman strives to distance himself from this perspective, acknowledging that the world is much larger than the human experience. Friedman creates surreal, kaleidoscopic landscapes based on geological formations. To Friedman, these rocks represent time capsules of the planet’s history. Adam Friedman has a solo show, “Space and Time, and Other Mysterious Aggregations,” opening on January 25 at Eleanor Harwood Gallery in San Francisco. For this show, Friedman created a series of hand-painted acrylic and mixed-media works and 3D paintings that depart from his previous approach, which mixed painting, photo transfer and screen printing. Take a look at our preview of “Space and Time, and Other Mysterious Aggregations,” images courtesy of Eleanor Harwood Gallery, below.

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