Till Rabus’ Anthropomorphized Discarded Objects

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

In addition to his penchant for realism, Swiss artist Till Rabus possesses a keen eye for arranging inanimate objects in thought-provoking ways. The artist combines these two skills in his strange still lifes, where ordinary, discarded objects are found in mysterious compositions that play with symmetry and saturated colors. Rabus eradicates any signs of human presence in his paintings, as if these objects ended up in these orderly arrangements out of their own free will. Yet these are objects left behind from human consumption, inviting a dialogue about the wastefulness of consumer culture. In his latest work, the artist investigates the human figure, creating structures from writhing body parts. Rabus has a two-person show coming up with Dennis Scholl at Aeroplastics in Brussels on January 24. Take a look at some of his works below, images courtesy of Till Rabus.

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