Jessica Drenk’s Unnatural Sculptures of Organic Forms

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Wood pencils

South Carolina-based sculptor Jessica Drenk examines the relationship between manufactured and natural materials in her work, using her penchant for woodcarving and ceramics to convert household materials into structures that appear organic. Her wood pencil sculptures imitate clams and underwater plant life, presenting themselves as ambiguous, unidentifiable species. For her “Porcelain Skins” series, Drenk dips materials such as q-tips, cotton swabs and mop heads into porcelain slip and fires the concoction to create delicate sculptures reminiscent of geological formations. The resulting work is rhythmic and calming to look at, much like observing nature. Take a look at some of the sculptures below, images courtesy of Jessica Drenk.

Pencils, glue

Cedar Pencils

Cedar pencils

Cotton rounds dipped in porcelain slip and fired

Q-tips dipped in porcelain slip and fired

Mop head dipped in porcelain slip and fired

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