Jaime Molina’s Mixed-Media Imaginary World, Cuttytown

by Max KauffmanPosted on

Real world got you down? Internet not providing the ephemeral kicks it once did? Turn to Cuttytown, for a fresh look on the everyday. A gorgeous blue collar sensibility awaits you beyond its whittled gates. Over the years, Jaime Molina has created a fictional burg full of a revolving set of characters. Working initially with printmaking moving into painting and, in recent years, sculpture, Jaime tells the tales of this little town. These mammals represent to varying degrees his family and friends. They also portray people and their habits in general — A loose play on our own existence.

Jaime’s work has a fascinating narrative to it — this world he has created continues to become larger, and with his more recent sculptural works in the last few years, the denizens of Cuttytown are coming into the dimensional realm. These sculptures are where Jaime shines — built out of anything and everything at hand, they echo traditional folk techniques and ideas with a modern twist. It’s a great testament to using what you have, and making the best of it. On the backs of pieces, prose appears. For example: “Outside it’s snowing, and inside a record plays. All this while you sleep.” It speaks to these two worlds informing each other, and it helps make both seem a bit more fantastic and hopeful than before. Cuttytown or bust. Jaime has work in the group show “No Looking Back” opening January 4 at Lequivive Gallery in Oakland. He’ll be showing alongside Marcos Lafarga and Daryll Peirce.

Collaboration with Rich Jacobsen

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