Ron English’s POPaganda Hulkboy and Rabbbit

by Jane KenoyerPosted on

Contemporary artist Ron English is well know for his unremitting sense of humor and the incorporation of pop brand imagery, also known as POPaganda (the term he coined) within his artwork. I caught up with English at the Tools of the Trade Gallery inside Basel Castle where he’d released four unique posters and several large scale helium balloons exclusively for the event. Also while staying in Miami he created a large scale mural entitled Hulkboy at Midtown Miami’s Wynwood Walls area. I asked English what his next project was and he promptly showed me a video clip from the new cartoon that he’s currently working on entitled Rabbbit. See it below!

Tools of the Trade Gallery in Basel Castle

Ron English, Justin Kerson and Beau Stanton at Basel Castle

Ron English and Jane Kenoyer at Basel Castle

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