Opening Night: “Escape Velocity” Group Show at Mirus Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Steve Budington

San Francisco’s Mirus Gallery opened a new show last Saturday titled “Escape Velocity” (previewed here). Titled after a physical concept that describes matter traveling at a speed fast enough to escape the Earth’s gravitational pull, the show featured some cutting-edge abstract artworks that give a taste of what’s to come at the new gallery for the coming year. The participating artists approach abstraction in numerous ways, from works that seem to throttle through space with dynamic motion to contemplative studies of quiet scenes. Take a look at our opening night photos by Cameron Van Loos below.

Gallery owner Paul Hemming

Matthias Duwel

Joshua Dildine

Jaime Treadwell

Bas Zoontjens

Michael Dotson

Dean Monogenis

Clark Goolsby

Kenji Nakayama and Dana Woulfe

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