Preview: “The Illumination” Group Show at Copro Gallery

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Alexandra Manukyan

It’s nearing the end of 2012 and jokes about an impending apocalypse have become a common aspect of party banter among those skeptical of the end of the Mayan calendar signifying the world’s demise. Copro Gallery in Santa Monica decided to shine a positive light on these fears and anxieties in their group show “The Illumination,” opening December 15. A collection of dark paintings by a diverse group of pop surrealist painters, the exhibition celebrates the darkness necessary to overcome in order to create a better world. “In these troubled times there’s light at the end of the tunnel illuminating the future of a Brave New World. The best part is the Dark Ride crossing the Rubicon to get there. In this group exhibtion artists portray the journey to Illumination,” explains the gallery’s website. Take a look at our preview below.

The show includes work by: Alexandra Manukyan, Ausgang, Becca, Big Gus, Brian Smith, Clare Toms, Erik Alos, Ewelina Koszykowska,Genevive Zacconi, Gregg Gibbs, Jamie Lee Parker, Jim Pavelec, Joe Vaux, John Cebollero, Lang Leav, Macsorro, Mark Elliott, Mat Hurtado, Matthew Price, Peter Chan, Ken Keirns, Philip Lumbang, Pooch, Robert Connett, Joe Vaux, Vincent Cacciotti, Yoko d’Holbachie, Xue Wang and more.

Alexandra Manukyan

Ewelina Koszykowska

Jamie Lee Parker

Genevive Zacconi


Mark Elliot

Brian Smith

Ken Keims

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