Opening Night: Femke Hiemstra and Ryan Heshka at Roq la Rue

by Robbie LoweryPosted on

Amsterdam-based painter Femke Hiemstra has once again made it across the pond to Seattle’s Roq la Rue to delight us with her enchanted lands. The level of detail is uncanny and each piece, whether large or small, has a story to tell. As an added touch, the works in “Let The Devil Wear Black” are all exquisitely framed, demonstrating that Hiemstra’s attention to detail doesn’t end when the painting stops.

Hailing from Vancouver in the Great White North, Ryan Heshka presents an onslaught of 1950s science fiction-inspired imagery. Bright colors, monsters, and towering two-headed women are featured in “Disasterama.” Heshka has created his largest works to date, and with so much going on, it is easy to be mesmerized by their grandeur. “Let The Devil Wear Black” and “Disasterama” are on view now at Roq la Rue until January 5. – Robbie Lowery

Scott Musgrove, Femke Hiemstra and Roq la Rue founder Kirsten Anderson

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