Klone’s Excavation of Memories

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

The murals of Isreal-based artist Klone invoke spirit animals. Figures appear almost translucent on walls. The thin wisps of spray paint strokes give them glowing auras; humans and animals often appear conjoined. “My work is dealing with memories, my own and the ones I manage to collect in everyday life from surroundings, if it’s my childhood in USSR or the coming to Israel, if it’s the layers of the city, walls crumbling apart and graffiti covering and being covered, people getting old and the new generations appearing every moment, the search is endless thus my work of documenting it is still long, I learn a new language that invents itself along the way,” the artist writes on his website. Take a look at some images of Klone’s latest works below.

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