Ron English and Buff Monster at Basel Castle 2012

by Jane KenoyerPosted on

Tonight’s Basel Castle Party in Miami Florida was the chance to see artist Ron English, Buff Monster, Sharktoof, Lamour Supreme, and Oliver Black in action creating live art. Ron English sent his custom made large scale helium filled ballons into the crowds of people who were gathered inside the walls of Basel Castle. Buff Monster painted alongside Lamour Supreme and Sharktoof as music poured from the Castle Stage.

Basel Castle 2012

Basel Castle 2012

Artist Buff Monster

Print for the Basel Castle Party by Artist Lamour Supreme

Artist SharkToof

Artists Lamour Supreme and Buff Monster

Ron English’s Helium Ballon

Ron English’s Helium Ballon

Mike Giant

Anthony Ausgang

Artist Beau Stanton

Tara McPherson
Sam Parker

Artist Lamour Supreme

Artist Oliver Black

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