Studio Visit with Kukula

by JL SchnabelPosted on

In preparations for her upcoming show “Lavish Hunger” at Art Basel this year with Corey Helford Gallery, artist Kukula invited us to visit her studio as she put the final touches on her new work. As continuations of the themes and style she presented last autumn with her solo exhibition, also at Corey Helford, her pale-skinned beauties appear literally “diseased” by their consumerist obsessions as their soft skin transforms into hard, ornate porcelain. Set in landscapes that are reminiscent of pre-revolution France, her figures appear isolated within their interiors, wearing either melancholic or apathetic expressions as their bodies transform into the exact objects of their desire. Recently transplanted to the East Coast from California this summer, her studio resides in a large sunny loft that she has filled with inspirational objects and books. Take a peek at more studio images and a preview of the new work below.

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